Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quick Followup : More notification in "Mad Men"

An earlier post (8 September) described the use of notificational deviance as a dramatic plot device using the television series Mad Men as an example.   The most recent episode provided another delightful example of the use of notification to communicate and structure social relationships.

Early in the episode "A Night to Remember" there is a great scene where Pete and Duck are leaving Don's office.   As the two are heading out the door, a quick conversation about an upcoming dinner/meeting occurs between Duck and Pete.  Pete is obviously out of the loop (and wasn't invited).  He lingers for a fraction of a second behind Duck and shoots Don a look.  Don's shoulder shrug and "oh well" facial expression do a marvelous job of putting Pete in his place.  He doesn't even deserve an explanation of what it is he has been left out of and he so feels it that he doesn't display his usual out-of-place brashness.

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